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Bellanina Facelift Massage: Testimonials

Here's what our students say about our Seminars:


“I came away feeling proud and confident that I had not only a wonderful new service to offer but good products to sell as well.”        Sandy P.   North Carolina


“It was very informative, fun, and hands-on!”  Lucinda S.  New York

“This seminar opened my eyes to the broad spectrum of how facelift massage can be beneficial, relaxing, self-educating, and most of all invigorating!"   Mary K.  Florida

“I had a wonderful time during the entire three day course. It was both exciting and amazing to see everyone’s face looking so rested, plump, and supple after each facelift massage! Wow!"   Jean W.  California

“The class exceeded my expectations. It was nice to not feel pressured to purchase the products after the class. Although, I will because they are quality products.”   Karen Q.   Michigan

“Wonderful! Right on-target for those in the aesthetic/body work professions!”   Brenda M.  Virginia

“Thank-you for such a memorable, challenging, educational, and exciting weekend!”  Kim T.  Georgia

“What a great tool to add to my belt. I hope that I can replace full body massages with Bellanina massages in my future practice.”   Amanda R.  South Carolina

“The best seminar that I have ever experienced! I was able to gain so much knowledge!”   Sandra  L.  Ohio

“Wow. What an amazing experience. I went out and got all of the Naturals products the day after the seminar!”   Jennifer U.  Florida

“This was one of the best thought-through classes that I’ve ever attended.”    Pauline L.  Wisconsin

“The “hands-on” aspect has given me the confidence to start working with this technique immediately!”         Whitney  Kansas

“This class should be the ‘Main Event’ of the year! I will remember it forever!”  Jim D.  Texas

“This is by far my all time favorite seminar in the eleven years as a therapist!”   Karen G.  Illinois

“This course has made me realize how important it is to take care of you skin and your clients.”   Mary R.  Alaska