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Discover Bellanina Facelift Massage, a luxurious, safe, gentle method of treating the problems of sagging, aging skin without surgery. Our courses are designed for professional health and skin care practitioners such as massage therapists, body workers, nurses, estheticians or anyone interested in moving into the massage therapy field.
Since 1989, the Bellanina Facelift Massage has been utilized by thousands of clients around the world. We have seen some amazing results including: Decrease in bags under the eyes, Firmer cheeks and jaw line, Neck appears smoother, Naso-labial fold lines soften, Skin looks smoother and skin tone evens and Youthful glow!
Our clients tell us that the Bellanina Facelift Massage has been the best choice they have made to improve the look and feel of their skin!

We Offer 2 versions of the Bellanina Facelift Massage Course:

The Botanicals Course (with our Plant-Based Product Line)

The Botanicals+ Course (with our Organics Products Line)

All other course materials are the same, only the products included are different.

16 Continuing Education Hours
Approved Provider #022228-00
FL, GA CE Provider #50-7840
You will have 90 days to complete this course for certification once it is shipped to you.


What the Bellanina Facelift Massage Includes:

Bellanina Facelift Massage consists of a thorough cleansing with a pure, wholesome facial cleanser and warm towels to soften the skin. This process cleans cellular debris and prepares the skin for massage.  Before we begin the face massage, starting at the feet, we use Thai massage techniques to  open the energetic flow and help the body to relax.  Passive joint movement creates a gentle rocking to help the tension in the hips and legs start to release. Stretching and massage to the arms, wrists and shoulders create a further release of tension and thus, greater relaxation.  Once the neck and shoulders are loosened we wrap the hair and we are then, ready to begin.

A full thirty minutes is devoted to massaging your face with luxurious aroma-therapeutic oils and our signature Invigorating Honeylift Massage Lotion. Warmed towels soothe the tension lines from your face. Using whipping, tapping, acupressure and contouring strokes as well as manual lymph drainage, blood and oxygen is stimulated to nourish, rejuvenate and tone the muscles and skin of the face. After hot towels soothe your feet, your hands and feet are then massaged while you relax during the "tie-up" step.

The face is moisturized with crèmes containing the finest natural bio-extracts to feed and nourish the skin. At the completion of your Facelift Massage treatment, your scalp is massaged and your back is cleansed with a hot towel.

Student Testimonials:

 "I truly enjoyed this course and am very pleased with the knowledge I have acquired.  I especially enjoy noticing, during the treatment, the client's face relax and I see noticeable changes." -G.G. 2/2022

"I really liked the course.  Each segment was very informative with all the facts and details on how to perform Bellanina Facelift Massage sessions.  I will use my newly gained skills and Bellanina products in my practice.  I'm highly satisfied with what I've learned. -D.R. 8/2021

"Even though I have been a practicing esthetician for more than 40 years, I am amazed at how much I learned from this course.  I do use a lot of 'technology' and 'toys' as I like to call them in my practice, but this course reminded me of the importance of performing facial massage with the best tool available to use; our hands!" -H.E. 4/2021

"This course was excellent.  All my clients enjoyed it and were able to relax.  Thank you!" -A.N. 4/2021

"I enjoyed the course.  I was a welcome break from doing deep tissue massage.  I'm considering esthetics school now because of this course." -L.N. 11/2020